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You're trying to maintain your busy schedule and you haven’t found the time to take care of yourself the way you know you should.


You feel stressed out and honestly, on your way to burnout.


You know things need to change but you aren’t quite sure where to begin – it’s all a bit overwhelming.


 One thing you DO know is that sleepless nights and skipping meals doesn't work and you need simple strategies to feel your best.


It’s not your fault that you’ve been fooled into thinking that working longer hours, neglecting your family and friends, and conquering your to-do list is the only way to reach your goals.

I know how it feels, I’ve been there! For years I battled with a crazy busy schedule, chronic fatigue, constant pain, and overwhelming stress.


It felt like I was NEVER going to dig myself out of it – struggling with the thoughts that this is my “new normal”.


It took me well over a year to get where I am now physically, mentally, and emotionally. I did it by shifting my mindset, rewiring my brain, and using simple nutrition strategies to feel my best.


While on my journey I've talked with many ladies who were having the SAME struggles regarding crazy busy schedules, feeling tired all of the time, and too much stress.

You KNOW things need to change but you aren’t quite sure where to begin – it’s all a bit overwhelming.


That’s why I created the Hardwire Healthy Habits Program.


This program is a custom 6-week coaching program for YOU if you’re ready to –

  • get through your day without feeling exhausted
  • feel more relaxed and confident in your body
  • have more patience with your sweetheart and/or your kids
  • move from where you are to where you want to be


In this program, you’ll learn easy-to-implement strategies that can transform the confidence in all areas of your life– without feeling, Restricted, Overwhelmed, or Guilty!



Imagine how amazing your life could look 6-weeks from today:


  • You spring out of bed in the morning because you’ve finally got the energy
  • Bye-bye mental or physical overload. You just don’t get burned out as quickly now
  • You're taking care of yourself first and giving to your family, friends, and career from the overflow
  • Feeling comfortable holding boundaries when you're ready for some YOU time
  • Meeting friends for a drink after work, seeing a movie with your sweetheart and more of the things that bring you joy


Here’s just SOME of what you'll get:

  • Identify stress and tension in your body
  • How to calm your nervous system to reduce stress
  • Get control over your schedule and feel less busy
  • Find foods to eat that give you energy instead of taking it away
  • Rewire your brain with healthy habits to see amazing results

BEST OF ALL …you’ll have my support and guidance every step of the way as you implement simple healthy habits for big results! 

The Content


Week 1: Energize Your Body to Energize Your Life - Discover high-energy foods that make you feel amazing using a simple energy experiment.


Week 2: Kick Stress to the Curb - Attention on the art of breathing and how it impacts your nervous system, including a simple strategy you can do anywhere and at any time.


Week 3: Overcome the Overwhelm - Focus on gratitude and forgiveness to increase happiness and motivation with a collection of resources to help you give thanks and appreciation to yourself and others.


Week 4: Self-Care is the Key - Investigate how putting yourself first allows you to give MORE to your family, your friends, and your business by giving from the overflow, including an exercise to help you get what you truly desire instead of just dreaming about it.


Week 5: Create Healthy Boundaries -  Holding healthy boundaries to stop energy leaks and reduce resentment so you're spending more time making progress (and money), and less time feeling guilty and stuck.



The Details


  • Five – 45-minute support calls and strategy sessions
  • Unlimited messaging support for guidance in-between sessions
  • Weekly experiential exercises to help you stay focused and empowered to lock-in new habits and rewire your brain
  • Access to a private Facebook group with like-minded women for ongoing support and encouragement


Transform your life through hardwiring your healthy habit so you can be more energized - physically, mentally, and emotionally!


Hello! My name is Jaime and I'm on a mission to help stressed-out professional ladies feel better in their bodies so that they can be more energized - physically, mentally, and emotionally!


I up-leveled my health and my life when I learned to shift my mindset toward positivity, calm my nervous system to reduce stress, and use simple nutrition strategies to feel my best.

I'm here to be your coach, guide, and teacher in sustainably changing your lifestyle so that when you feel your best in your body it isn't just about your physical health but allows you to be more energized, feel more confident, and take your life from where you are to where you want to be.